11 February 2010

SONA mentions SADTU

SONA mentions SADTU


As you are aware, we are committed to five priorities: education, health, rural development and land reform, creating decent work, and fighting crime.

In addition, we will work to improve the effectiveness of local government, infrastructure development and human settlements.

We will undertake a number of key activities towards the achievement of these outcomes.

We have placed education and skills development at the centre of this government’s policies.

In our 2010 programme, we want to improve the ability of our children to read, write and count in the foundation years.

Unless we do this, we will not improve the quality of education.

Our education targets are simple but critical.

We want learners and teachers to be in school, in class, on time, learning and teaching for seven hours a day.

We will assist teachers by providing detailed daily lesson plans.

To students we will provide easy-to-use workbooks in all 11 languages.

From this year onwards, all grade 3, 6 and 9 students will write literacy and numeracy tests that are independently moderated.

We aim to increase the pass rate for these tests from the current average of between 35 and 40% to at least 60% by 2014.

Results will be sent to parents to track progress.

In addition, each of our 27 000 schools will be assessed by officials from the Department of Basic Education.

This will be recorded in an auditable written report.

We aim to increase the number of matric students who are eligible for university admission to 175 000 a year by 2014.

We urge parents to cooperate with us in making this a success.

We welcome last month’s statement by the three teacher unions, NAPTOSA, SADTU and SAOU, reaffirming their commitment to the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign from the beginning of 2010.

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