15 March 2010

ANC NEC statement

Statement of the ANC National Executive Committee

12-13 March 2010

The National Executive committee held its regular meeting in Esselperk, Ekurhuleni over two days, 12-13 March 2010. The focus of the meeting was on strengthening the organisation both in the party structures and in government. The Political overview of the President provided clear leadership and the NEC dedicated sufficient time discussing it and took the following decisions: -

As part of facilitating discussions in the structures of the ANC in preparation for the National General Council (NGC) in September the political overview will be circulate to all structures of the movement. NEC members will be deployed to all the regions to facilitate these discussions.

The state of readiness to hold provincial conferences in both the North West and the Western Cape was discussed by the NEC. There was agreement that good work was being done in both these provinces. The NEC decided that both provinces be given some extension of time to hold their provincial conferences by the first week of December 2010. The performance of the individual members of these Provincial Task Teams will be assessed and the teams be strengthened where there is need.

The NEC reaffirmed its position that non-performance in government will not be tolerated whether it is a result of laziness, incompetence or lack of commitment to the programme. Every deployed cadre of our movement must understand what the expectations of the party and the people is upfront so that when there is a determination on non-performance there must be no confusion. There will be consequences in every case of non-performance.

The primary responsibility of defending the officials of the movement, the leadership at all levels, as well as the ANC as a movement, resides with the National Executive Committee.

The NEC took exception to the new culture of public spats, trading of insults and personalised attacks amongst its leaders. This action detracts from the historic mission of the ANC, its discipline, traditions and protocols. The NEC directed the Officials to institute disciplinary measures against any leaders of the ANC at any level after this NEC who continue to engage in these activities which are alien to our movement.  To this end, the NEC has warned all NEC members not to engage in such public spats any longer.

The NEC also noted with astonishment the disrespect shown by some leaders and structures of our movement to the decisions of the National Executive Committee particularly relating to the succession debate to our 2012 National Conference.  The NEC reaffirmed its previous and standard position that ANC structures will pronounce on the matter of succession on the 2012 National Conference at an appropriate time. The NEC resolved that any leader or structure or member who continues to disrespect this resolution and other resolutions of the NEC should be brought before the disciplinary committee to answer for their conduct.

The NEC welcomed the constructive meeting held between the National Working Committee and the PolitBuro of the South African Communist Party (SACP). It has also welcomed the regret expressed by the SACP on the booing incident at its special conference.

The NEC whilst welcoming the agreement with the SACP not to engage in any public spats from now moving forward, has resolved that the public spats between the ANC and all Alliance partners should be stopped hencewith.  The ANC will for its part not engage any of its Alliance partners in any public domain or in the media, but will use the fora of engagement with our Alliance partners to advance its views.  The ANC does not believe that the public spats between itself and its Alliance partners promotes the interest of South Africa and that it adds value to the creation a better life for all South Africans.

To deal with this trend the Alliance summit scheduled for the beginning of April 2010 will be rescheduled to the beginning of June 2010 so that bilaterals will all the Alliance partners can be convened. The first bilateral with the SACP was held on Thursday, 11 March 2010. A follow up bilateral and a bilateral with COSATU will be organised urgently.

The NEC has committed itself to intensify its engagements with communities protesting about service, local development issues, and accountability of elected representatives or lack thereof. The NEC also committed itself to work with our communities in finding lasting solutions to the challenges they face.

The NEC agreed that the ANC must lead the fight against corruption and must be unambiguous about this commitment. The programme of the security cluster will get undivided support from the ANC in line with our commitment of improving the whole Criminal Justice System. The efforts of the police must be supported by the various communities.

On the lifestyle audits the NEC reaffirmed the position as articulated by both the President and the Deputy President in the National Assembly. The responsibility of conducting lifestyle audits is the function of the South African Revenue Services. The ANC has confidence in this institution and will support its professional work. There can be no instrument specifically designed for ANC leaders and public representatives, to the exclusion of leaders of all formations in society, including the opposition parties and the private sector. The NEC resolved that any tool used in the fight against corruption must never be used selectively as this can degenerate into using state organs for factional interests. In addition all public representatives at all levels are required to declared their business and financial interests. In our view there are sufficient tools in place to deal with dishonesty in society. We need to strengthen the institutions charged with this responsibility and not weaken them by instructing them what they should do.

Every citizen has the right to participate in any business in the public and private sector.  The NEC decided that the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is an important intervention. Coupled with Employment Equity in the workplace this intervention has built and continue to grow the black middle class, as an important stratum in society. The ANC will continue supporting the efforts of encouraging entrepreneurs to take initiatives in society. This will complement our efforts of creating more jobs and decent work. With the State being an important and significant player in the economy, the tender system will be used as an instrument for the facilitation of this noble objective. We must however be decisive in acting against using the tender system to give business to individuals in ways that create the perception that there is favouritism or corruption in the process. Society must play its role in fighting any devious means of accessing business opportunities.

The NEC paid homage to the fallen ANC Anti apartheid leader and veteran, Mama Fatima Meer.  Mama Fatima stood up against all odds to ensure that the majority of our people enjoy the fruits of liberation today.  She stopped at nothing to ensure that our people have a better life. We value and appreciate her contribution in our struggle. May her soul rest in peace.

Issued by:
Gwede Mantashe

African National Congress
54 Sauer Street

14 March 2010