06 June 2010

Three new courses

Message to SADTU Political Education Forum, Communist University, and CU Africa

Three new courses

Dear Comrades,

The weekly course previously running on the SADTU Political Education Forum about the National Democratic Revolution has already come to an end. It will be replaced by a course with six main parts, on Lenin’s “The State and Revolution”.

The weekly course that has been running on the Communist University distribution - "No Woman, No Revolution" - will come to an end this week. It will be replaced by a ten-part course called “Philosophy and Religion”.

At the same time, a course with 24 main parts on Karl Marx’s “Capital, Volume 1” will commence on the new, African-continental “CU Africa” forum. It will be followed on that forum by a further ten main parts covering Capital, Volumes 2 and 3. This is intended as a major initiative aimed at reclaiming Marx’s great work “Capital”, making it widely familiar and giving it popular currency once again.

The purpose of this message is to alert you to the existence of all three courses, and to make all of them accessible to you, no matter which of these three groups you may presently belong to.

Blogs and E-mail Groups

Each of the three channels consists of a “blog”, which is a web site, and an e-mail Group which sends the blog-posts by e-mail to a list of subscribed addresses. The three different blogs are as follows:

SADTU Political Education Forum: http://sadtu-pol-ed.blogspot.com/
Communist University:                  http://domza.blogspot.com/
CU Africa:                                    http://cuafrica.blogspot.com/

All of these blogs have instructions, in the right-hand panel, for subscribing to the associated e-mail forum or distribution group, so that you may directly receive what appears on the blog in your email “Inbox”.


An archive will be kept in the form of a list of linked list of documents and downloads, maintained on a separate web page for each course. Each archive will be a page on the relevant blog.


All of the above information will be displayed, in the week following the posting, in a small table giving updated links to the previous instalments. This table is designed to be included with every e-mail post, so as to help you to keep up with all three of these courses, should you wish to do so.

The table will look something like this (test the links if you wish):

Previous week’s main political education posts

(Sunday) starting 6 June
(Tuesday) starting 8 June
(Thursday) starting 17 June


You are welcome to subscribe to any or all of the three e-mail groups. If you have any difficulty using the subscription boxes on the blogs, please send a message to dominic.tweedie@gmail.com, naming the group you wish to subscribe to.

If you subscribe to these e-mail groups, you will receive the blog posts automatically as e-mail. In the case of the SADTU and CU Africa groups, they are fora, meaning that the subscribers may also post, and so contribute to the creation of a collective discussion between members.

Hard Copy

In South Africa, the materials used in these courses is available from the Jetline Company. To avail yourself of this service, please go to any of the blog sites given above, and follow the Jetline instructions given in the panel on the right-hand side.

Hoping that these new arrangements will find favour,

I remain your